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 I am a mama to 3 little ones, a full time student of Life, and a birth & human advocate. Deeply empowered by my first pregnancy & birth journey in 2011, I began supporting mamas to hold sacred the transition from womanhood to motherhood, couple to family, womb-baby to earth baby.  Over the last 7 years, I have worked as a birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator, and pre and postnatal yoga teacher.  Since finding yoga in 2007, I have taught group classes & privates, and weave the practice into my daily work at home: heart-centered mothering, creating a small homestead with my partner, endless cooking & cleaning, and capturing moments to write.  I look for meaning & beauty in life every day.  


I am trained as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Infant Care specialist, and Postpartum Placenta Specialist.  I am constantly learning and staying up to date on the resources families need to feel supported in their transition to parenthood.  I am passionate about pre and perinatal mental health, as our own mental health effects our first connections with our babies.  We must be compassionate with ourselves, and surround ourselves with a support system to find confidence, trust, and joy in the enormous process of becoming mothers.


I believe in reaching out for what we need, that a little gratitude goes a long way, and that we are all infinitely capable & deserving of LOVE.  I believe that life is better when we are in it together.

WHY do i believe in supporting moms BEYOND BIRTH?

Savoring my own postpartum time after the birth of my daughter 

We live in a culture that focuses on baby rather than mama, right from conception.  Baby is incredibly important, I don't think any parent would deny that, but the transformation that happens to each woman during each pregnancy, birth and postpartum cannot and should not be overlooked.  If we neglect mama after traversing the threshold between the worlds that IS birth, we neglect the babies primary care giver, his source of nourishment, love, and his gateway into a full life.  I believe it is so important to honor the sacred time after birth as mama integrates her birth journey with her new self because this is the framework for the lifelong mother-baby relationship.  

Traditional cultures respected a mother's 40 days of "lying in" or the idea of a "baby moon".  During this time a postpartum mama was allowed to focus solely on connecting with baby and healing her body and spirit, while family members swooped in to take care of other children, nourishing meals, and all chores.  A mama-baby was cocooned in love and support rather than encouraged to bounce back or adhere to any schedule.  In this supportive environment mama learns to trust her mothering instincts, to listen to her innate wisdom, to value her self-care.  


For many of us, this doesn't feel like a reality; our village is lost, scattered, or simply different do to our family dynamics.  I feel a calling to support women in reclaiming the sacred in postpartum.  We can recreate a nurturing space by first claiming it as our right, and then by lifting each other up.  This will look different for each of us, but similar in its core of grace.  My hope is to create spaces for women to honor them selves and feel their undeniable worth.  I hope to hold space for the full spectrum of emotions as each mother is reborn.  I hope we can lovingly accept our own shape-shifting as we support each others.  


My hope is for each mama to return to her heart, as it expands and breaks and rebuilds again and again.  

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Contact me about freelance writing!  I write honestly about all aspects of motherhood, from preconception through parenting. I also write about Western, NC, tantric yoga philosophy and myth, and intentional living.