So many people have asked me:  “Does yoga really make birth easier?”

My answer is always yes, Yes, YES!  The practice of yoga makes much of life easier, and the more we practice, the more we can rely on the tools of yoga to back us up in challenging situations.  When you look at Yoga as a way of engaging with life, as a lifestyle, then the gifts are much greater than physical benefits.  However, when it comes to the intense physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth, physical benefits cannot be understated.

I'm sharing 4 ways yoga prepares you for childbirth over on High Country Doulas!  I am so thrilled and honored to be working with them as a Postpartum Doula, Placenta Specialist, Belly Binder, and NOW offering Prenatal Yoga Private Sessions!

Group classes in Boone will be offered in September so make sure you are on my email list to stay in the l...

 Isn't My Mom My Postpartum Doula?  (And What’s a Postpartum Doula Anyway?)

I have sat on this post for months out of fear of offending someone.  Yet, I get asked this question a lot.   So, here is my response....

After birth,  new grandmas, aunties and best friends want to come help and celebrate.  You may welcome them with open arms & delight.  Or you may want some space to settle before inviting them to visit.  You know best the dynamics of your family relationships, and it is okay to honor your gut instincts about what you need right now.  The answer, most of the time, is No.  Your mom is not your postpartum doula. 

It’s important to remember that your mom is your mom, sister your sister, best friend your best friend. They all love you and will support you in the best way they know how.  But the truth about most (if not all) fa...

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