This week I am resharing an old post from my old site.  I used all these tools again to maintain sacred space after my third baby this winter, plus one extra that I'll share at the end. ~lis

The first time I was pregnant, much of my focus was on the Pregnancy and Birth instead of the Postpartum transformation to Mamahood and the Newborn.  For me, newborn care and being a Mama was all pretty instinctive.  But the shift, the transition, that was the messier part I hadn’t planned for.  So, for my second baby, I had plans in place for a Postpartum baby moon, as much baby mooning is possible with another little one around, and that preparation made all the difference.

The truth is, you can never be totally prepared for birth, and postpartum, and the space in between.  You can never be totally prepared for the love that over takes you, for the gr...

May 2, 2017

My ease into motherhood this time is linked to  my comfort level with crying.  Getting comfortable with crying- the phrase sounds counterintuitive.  Yet, it is a significant part of our lives as parents, listening to crying, and one thing I have found is we can calm it, but not by pass it all together.  

We are wired to respond to our baby’s cries; crying ensures we care for their needs.  Our babies cry to say “I’m hungry”, “hold me”, “I need a diaper change”, but also “I don’t like this”, “Everything is so new”, “This is hard”.  I have also observed my babies cry simply to let off steam, or as my 3 year-old reminds me often if I ask her why she is upset: “There’s no why’s to it!”.  Babies, toddlers, and kids cry.  Mamas cry.  Papa’s do, too.  It is a part of our human expression, and remember: babies are adjusting to the newness of the human experi...

April 24, 2017

There are one thousand ways I have found myself a total newbie at parenting even on the third time around. The newness has been both baffling and a sweet gift, reassuring that we are always growing, life is always changing, affirming that I am a different person than I was when my first child was born, and that this babe is a different being.

There are also many ways that becoming a mama for the third time has been easier.  More joyful.  Besides the baby having more faces to look at and arms to hold him, and me already being a pro at changing diapers upside down since he’s mastered rolling over, some of these things don’t have to wait until the second, third or fourth time around to find.

One key difference in this time from the last two is that I finally know no one else with prioritize my self care but me.   When my first son was born I stopped showering, stopped...

March 16, 2017

I like a midwife to catch my babies.  She knows just how to bring a new being into the world, while holding my world together just enough.  I like my husband to keep his hands on me, providing grounding support as pure new life emerges from the softest, strongest, hidden parts of my body.

But I caught my own placenta!  It fell into my hands.  I placed it in the silver bowl: blue, rich, intact.  Not a drop of blood was left behind on my hands.  

We, my midwife and I, had been waiting for the placenta to come.  Contractions relaxed in the afterbirth time, and I wasn't bleeding much so there was no rush or pressure to birth my placenta quickly.  But I was uncomfortable and ready to snuggle up with my fresh born babe and needed to release my placenta before I could move on.  It had been an hour and I'd moved around, coughed, and then tried to pee....

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