November 3, 2017

Is placenta encapsulation safe?  Well.... it depends.  

A few questions are necessary to determine wether or not it is safe to encapsulate your placenta.

How is the placenta stored prior to encapsulation?  The placenta should be refrigerated or on ice within a couple hours after birth.  If it is not encapsulated within 3 days, it should be moved to the freezer.  This may seem weird, but I always tell clients to treat their placenta like an expensive steak.  

Clients can ensure that their placenta was kept within these refrigeration standards by having their placenta processed in their own homes.  This way, your placenta is never at the whim of what someone else deems safe; you are in control.

How is the placenta is prepared?  I have years of positive experience preparing placentas for clients.  I used to do a variety of different preparation methods de...

October 26, 2016

What does a postpartum doula do is a commonly felt, if not commonly asked, quandary.  I couldn’t imagine what a postpartum doula did until about 1 week after my first son was born when I was home alone and just wanted to talk to someone that GOT it: the emotions, the birth journey, the spit up and breast feeding, the infinite solitude that was never really solitary.  Someone that would come over and listen without the primary goal of snuggling on my cute baby.  Someone that could help me eat well, shower more than once a week, deal with laundry and dishes.  Someone that had no ulterior motives other than supporting me.  

I thought it may be helpful to outline three different postpartum doula visits I have shared with three different baby-mamas.  Each time is unique, as is each family’s needs, so this is not an all encompassing view of a postpartum d...

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