October 27, 2018

"This is the season of receiving.”  This being new motherhood, the postpartum year, or I would stretch it throughout the years of early childhood.  I heard this phrase from Chris Reines, a UNC nurse specializing in maternal mental health.

How opposite are these words to what we are actually told?  How many mamas actually think “This is the season of giving.  So let me give, give, give until I have nothing left in me, then give some more and feel guilty that I don’t have even more to give.”?  We are TOLD this is the season of giving.

But we were told wrong.  This is the season of receiving.  

When young babies are at home, it is the time to let others support us (community, grandparents, partners, doulas).  In pregnancy and birth a woman give her greatest physical output. And then she is in near constant support of that output through nursing, feeding, tend...

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