August 13, 2017

The first trimester is one of the strangest emotional times of a woman's life.  We may be excited, shocked, terrified, thrilled or all of the above, but most often we are not supposed to talk about it.  Many women keep the news of pregnancy within their partnership in the first trimester.  Our culture in general is unaccepting of pregnancy and birth, and un-equipped to discuss the pain of working to conceive, of pregnancy loss, of body changes, or hormonally induced emotions.  Women are isolated in the worry and joy of motherhood from the very beginning.  And then, the puking.

You guys, I hate the term "morning sickness".  Some moms do find this prenatal nausea to plague them only in the morning, or another limited time of the day.  But I am one of the lucky mamas blessed with all day, all night, over all unrelenting nausea and c...

This week I am resharing an old post from my old site.  I used all these tools again to maintain sacred space after my third baby this winter, plus one extra that I'll share at the end. ~lis

The first time I was pregnant, much of my focus was on the Pregnancy and Birth instead of the Postpartum transformation to Mamahood and the Newborn.  For me, newborn care and being a Mama was all pretty instinctive.  But the shift, the transition, that was the messier part I hadn’t planned for.  So, for my second baby, I had plans in place for a Postpartum baby moon, as much baby mooning is possible with another little one around, and that preparation made all the difference.

The truth is, you can never be totally prepared for birth, and postpartum, and the space in between.  You can never be totally prepared for the love that over takes you, for the gr...

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