February 16, 2018

There is something I am afraid to tell my clients, an answer to a question often asked that makes me want to hide.  

"Does eating my placenta prevent Postpartum Depression"?

Internally I gasp and externally I bumble.  I feel as if I am supposed to pull a coin from behind your ear and we all laugh wholesomely and skip off into the daisies.

I hate this question because I ingested my placenta after all three of my births and I experienced postpartum anxiety and depression after all three births.  

There is little research into this question, or any other benefits or risks of placentaphagy.  There are no scientific studies to claim placenta encapsulation as a remedy for postpartum mood disorders.  However, many mothers self-report that they felt less depression and more positive energy when they ingested their placenta capsules.  Placenta is used as hormonal therapy in other...

November 3, 2017

Is placenta encapsulation safe?  Well.... it depends.  

A few questions are necessary to determine wether or not it is safe to encapsulate your placenta.

How is the placenta stored prior to encapsulation?  The placenta should be refrigerated or on ice within a couple hours after birth.  If it is not encapsulated within 3 days, it should be moved to the freezer.  This may seem weird, but I always tell clients to treat their placenta like an expensive steak.  

Clients can ensure that their placenta was kept within these refrigeration standards by having their placenta processed in their own homes.  This way, your placenta is never at the whim of what someone else deems safe; you are in control.

How is the placenta is prepared?  I have years of positive experience preparing placentas for clients.  I used to do a variety of different preparation methods de...

Placenta Capsules are the most common way modern women ingest their placenta.  These capsules last for months in the fridge, and longer in the freezer, but some women want to know that they can have placenta remedies available for them at any time.  Enter placenta tincture.

Placenta tincture is made at the same time as your placenta capsules, prepared in the same safe way using dried and ground placenta, except it is preserved in high proof alcohol instead of gelatin capsules.

This form of preparation offers two extra perks: 

1.) The placenta tincture can last indefinitely when stored in a cool, dark place.  

2.) The placenta remedy is now in liquid form, allowing it to mixed with a beverage or given to your baby.

Why would you want your placenta remedy to last indefinitely?  

Let's first remember the powerful self-made nutrition that your placenta contains -...

This week I am resharing an old post from my old site.  I used all these tools again to maintain sacred space after my third baby this winter, plus one extra that I'll share at the end. ~lis

The first time I was pregnant, much of my focus was on the Pregnancy and Birth instead of the Postpartum transformation to Mamahood and the Newborn.  For me, newborn care and being a Mama was all pretty instinctive.  But the shift, the transition, that was the messier part I hadn’t planned for.  So, for my second baby, I had plans in place for a Postpartum baby moon, as much baby mooning is possible with another little one around, and that preparation made all the difference.

The truth is, you can never be totally prepared for birth, and postpartum, and the space in between.  You can never be totally prepared for the love that over takes you, for the gr...

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