MotherHOOD Coaching

Heart-to-Heart Support, where ever you are

 I believe it takes a village to raise a mother, and as much as I wish we truly had a tangible tribe, I am also a believer in utilizing the tools at hand.  My mission is to bring more peace, trust and honor to the transition to motherhood.

Being a modern mama is hard.  Often, we are disconnected from family by physical space.  The transition to motherhood is rife with judgement.  We know new levels of exhaustion and our vision is cloudy.  Suddenly, our entire world is different: we are not the same person as before baby was born, but we are not completely different either.   Reconciliation offers us a path forward.  Motherhood does not look like the movies, but it is one of the most beautiful, deep experiences life has to offer.  I'm here to help you find more beauty, celebration and self-care in motherhood.


Coaching is about YOU:  You're goals, You're ideal life, You're struggles and You're path.  

I serve as a mirror, a confidant, and a COACH, believing in you all the way.  

In an ideal world after baby is born, our Aunties would swoop in to clean our house, our Mothers would cook healing foods and watch our older children, and our Sisters would bolster our spirits and raise our confidence in this crooked path.  Or, in a different ideal world, I would jet set around to mamas-in-need to listen to their deepest desires and fears while scrubbing their dishes, all while my own children were being looked after with endless patience from fairy-tale Waldorf mentors.  But this is not our world.  Our world is one of internet connectivity and physical isolation.  Our tribe is scattered.  There is beauty in these boundaries and spaciousness, but it can leave us alone when we need help most.  Online/phone coaching is a bridge across the valley: in this way we can use the modern tools of the internet to create a supportive tribe of mothers.

MotherHOOD Coaching is available in individual (1-hour) sessions or packages.  Common areas where mamas seek support are:  self-care, going back to work, sleep, guilt, nursing/feeding baby, acceptance, body image, health, organizing help, postpartum mood disorders, time & energy management.  You will have my undivided, non judgemental attention.  My goal is for you to find greater peace and access to what you need.  Modalities I use are rooted in my yoga and postpartum doula experience, influenced by my psychology background, and anchored in my experience as a heart-centered mother.  All coaching clients are invited to join a private facebook group for additional support from a community of Women becoming Mamas.


The best way to get started is to email me at with the subject "Coaching".  Please provide a brief overview of where you are at in your mothering journey, (age of kids/weeks gestation, what is on your heart), and suggest 3 best times for you to talk.  I will email you back within 24 hours and we will begin from there!

Rates:  $65/1 hour undivided, loving support focusing on what ever areas of your life need greater peace & honor

4 sessions to be used within 1 month for $225

*Postpartum Planning Session* $47/1 hour

Check back soon for more details and free support tools.  Until then, let's build our tribe on Instagram and Facebook.   Or shoot me an email.  


Much love, trust and grace to YOU,

Elisabeth McCachren Mitchell