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what mamas say:


"Planning ahead with Lis to encapsulate my placentas following the birth of my twins turned out to be not only nourishing & enriching, but also life saving due to complications of a retained placenta and severe hemorrhaging.  Just another of Lis's wonders!"  - Mama of twins

"I feel like it helped nourish my body and steady my moods.  It felt empowering to ingest my placenta...almost instinctual.  and, you were so easy to reach during that transition time"  -First time Mama

"Although it is impossible to isolate a single variable in this experience, I feel that ingesting my placenta has helped with my mood during my first month postpartum. I experienced PPD and acute anxiety during my 1st postpartum 3 years ago and have had a completely different experience this time. I am normally very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations and believe that my capsules have eased my transition from pregnancy to PP."  -Second time Mama

current offerings:


*placenta encapsulation, tinctures & salves

*placenta prints & cord keepsakes

*postpartum doula 

*prenatal doula for morning              sickness, bedrest, or HG

*pre and post natal yoga privates

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