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Throughout history and in cultures around the world, the placenta is revered for the life-support it provides baby in utero.  There are many ways we can bring reverence to the placenta as part of our birth journey.  I offer placenta encapsulation and  tinctures for mamas desiring to ingest their placentas.  I also prepare an umbilical cord keepsake and placenta print as a memento to honor the connection between mother-baby via the placenta in the womb.

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing a mother’s placenta into capsules for ingestion after the birth of her baby. It is a clean, safe and taste-less way to consume one's placenta.  It is believed that ingesting the placenta restores hormone balance and optimal nutrition lost during childbirth back to the mother. Each placenta is tailored perfectly for that particular mama & baby addressing their individual needs through pregnancy and postpartum. Many mothers report that ingesting one’s own placenta has decreased their susceptibility to “the baby blues” and postpartum depression, increased breast milk production, decreased healing and bleeding time, and given mothers more energy. Placenta capsules or tincture have also been used to aid with hormonal fluctuations of menopause if you choose to save some of your placenta for later use.  The tincture has been reported as powerfully supportive medicine for babies experiencing trauma.


I NOW prepare placentas, (for ingestion and/or memorabilia), in clients home ONLY.  Clients arrange all transport for their placenta to ensure certainty and responsibility for placenta in transit.  I will provide all the information you need to know regarding storing and transporting your placenta until I arrive at your home to prepare it.  I follow the most up to date safety guidelines for handling all placentas and all equipment is either one time use, (for YOU only), or sanitized with strict guidelines.  Also, do not worry if you have a mess in your kitchen!  You just had a baby!  I will be responsible for all sanitation before and after preparation, including a few dishes in the sink.   Because I am in your home I am also available to answer any questions you may have about the process, postpartum and newborn care.   I am a trained, experienced postpartum doula and it is a great honor to be in your home with your brand new family.  That said, I will not be in your way if your intention is to have quiet solitude.  

I use traditional preparation methods that I have learned through practice, self-directed study and ProDoula Placenta Preparation in-person classes. I maintain a clear mind and healing intentions throughout the duration of working with your placenta.  It takes approximately 24-36 hours for encapsulation from the time I begin in your home. If placenta has been frozen, or if there is more than 1 placenta, it may take a longer preparation time.  We will discuss your desires for how soon you would like your placenta prepared after birth and I will accommodate for your timeline.  It is ideal to prepare a placenta for ingestion when it is within 3 days of birth.  This is not only for the safety of the placenta, but also because large hormonal shifts happen around 48 hours postpartum making it a great time to start taking your placenta if you haven’t already!  If we cannot, for any reason, prepare your placenta within 3 days of birth, place it in the freezer for health safety reasons.  

Ready to get started?  Me, too.  Email me with your due date, address, and questions.  I'll reply promptly with answers, all details, and a contract.  To ensure I have you on my calendar you may book Postpartum Placenta Services as early in the pregnancy as you wish.


For placenta prints only:  

There is more fluidity in the timeline here, since the placenta and cord are not being prepared for ingestion.  That said, all placentas should be frozen if they are not prepared within 3 days.  A frozen placenta can make a “wetter” looking print, though still a lovely capture of your birthing experience.  The process will still happen 100% in your home.  



$275 for Placenta Encapsulation and Cord Keepsake

$25 Tincture 

$25 Placenta Salve

$25 Placenta Print (in addition to capsules)

$50 Placenta Print ONLY

$75 for each additional placenta (twins)

10% discount for Postpartum Doula Clients, Prenatal Yoga students or Repeat clients

Travel fee of $.50 per mile beyond 60 miles of my home will be added to total price. 

Questions?  Check out this post of FAQs and don't hesitate to contact me!  I know this is foreign terrain for many people.  Email me at anytime; I am here for you.

**Lis McCachren Mitchell and Heart-Centered Mamas LLC is not a licensed medical professional and is not able to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any health condition. Services and fees are for the preparation and encapsulation of your placenta, not for the sale of the pills. No specific benefits or effects are promised. Any benefits will vary from person to person. Some of the ascribed benefits of placenta consumption are supported by ongoing research; however these benefits have not been evaluated or approved by FDA.**

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