postpartum doula care

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I provide a nurturing presence and non-judgmental support for the whole family through this major transition to parenthood.


Postpartum doula care can look a lot of different ways and we will work together to create the most supportive plan for your family.  In general, I come to your house to help with: light housework, food preparation, emotional support, breastfeeding assistance, and caring for other siblings.  I can offer ideas to create newborn care routines and understand newborn communication, stages, and needs.  My ultimate goal is to support YOU and to create a space so that Mama and Papa can fully focus on the newborn, or simply rest. I am also able to run small errands for you in town and to join you in appointments if desired.  Typically, I would come for a 2-6 hour block of time to help you and your family.  Overnight care is also a possibility to help parents get much need rest. These services are available anytime after birth. After 4 weeks postpartum, I will help you with some very gentle postnatal yoga if you like.


Before you give birth I will work with you to formulate a postpartum plan and anticipate needs to make this a truly sacred, nourishing time for your family.  This can be done in person or over the phone.


A $525 Investment offers basic but deep support for your newborn family: 

  • preparing for your unique & sacred postpartum one-on-one with me before birth

  • 20 hours of home or hospital visits after birth

  • (almost)24-hour text, email or phone support for 4 weeks surrounding your birth time

  • emotional support for the whole family as you transition

  • help understanding newborn needs & habits

  • baby feeding wisdom

  • light housework, errands & simple cooking

  • hours may be used overnight so that you can get much-needed sleep (10 hour minimum for overnight shifts)

  • invitation to join Heart-Centered Mamas private Facebook group for community support

  • postpartum care planning lists for chores, healing herbs, nutrition & more

  • setting up a meal train to share with friends or family if you desire


Extras: Pick my brain on SLEEP, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Postnatal Yoga, Elimination Communication, Digestive Troubleshooting, Bottle feeding, Daily Routines, Meal Preparation, Baby Gear, Diapers and MORE!  I have many books to loan to clients and even baby wraps.


Not the plan or hours you are desiring?  There are many different ways that Postpartum Doula care can look.  Email for a complete list of packages and we can find what is a perfect fit for your family.  Single visits available at an hourly rate of $29.  I also offer virtual mother support through the growing community of Heart-Centered Mamas and skype coaching sessions.  


Want to know more about what a postpartum doula does?  Read an example here!


Email or Call for all specific details.