Tired, Mama?  Spread-thin and exhausted?  Pukey, too?  On Bedrest?  Yeah, I've been there.  That's why I  want to help you.  

What's a pregnancy doula?  A pregnancy doula helps you around the house, with errands and light cooking when you aren't feeling your best.  I help with older children so that you can get the rest you need to gestate your new baby or babies.  I clean the dishes, take out the trash, prepare meals for your family when you are on bed rest, or when the smell of your refrigerator triggers your nausea.  A pregnancy doula helps you navigate those early weeks when you don't want to tell anyone else you are pregnant, yet need physical and emotional support.  A pregnancy doula helps you rest, and keep your life running, when you need to focus on keeping baby inside as long as possible.  

Pregnancy is beautiful, exciting, magical.  Pregnancy is exhausting, mentally and physically.  The emotional roller coast, physical shape shifting, and sudden changes in hormones take their toll on us.  While this may be a normal part of pregnancy, our life doesn't stop around us.  Our to-do list and chores and children and work do not stop during pregnancy.  


This service is completely confidential, so you can have help and support through morning sickness if you do not want to tell everyone you are pregnant yet.  I can help you navigate those first appointments, if desired.  I will clean your toilet so that you can throw up into pristine porcelain.


I get it.  I have been there.  I wished for a pregnancy doula.  I became a pregnancy doula.  I am here to help you make it through with more joy, peace and sanity.


Get 12 hours of help (or naps!)  for $335

Single hourly rates are $29/hour

Email me to talk more and get what you need!