What is a Placenta Tincture?

Placenta Capsules are the most common way modern women ingest their placenta. These capsules last for months in the fridge, and longer in the freezer, but some women want to know that they can have placenta remedies available for them at any time. Enter placenta tincture.

Placenta tincture is made at the same time as your placenta capsules, prepared in the same safe way using dried and ground placenta, except it is preserved in high proof alcohol instead of gelatin capsules.

This form of preparation offers two extra perks:

1.) The placenta tincture can last indefinitely when stored in a cool, dark place.

2.) The placenta remedy is now in liquid form, allowing it to mixed with a beverage or given to your baby.

Why would you want your placenta remedy to last indefinitely?

Let's first remember the powerful self-made nutrition that your placenta contains - hormones such as oxytocin & prolactin, Iron, Zinc, B vitamins, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Immunoglobulin G. And then some of the reported benefits of ingesting your placenta - regulating hormones, reducing risk of anemia, calming jittery nerves, boosting energy, revitalizing skin, possible anti-depressant, irritability tamer, and immune booster.

Hold on, I'm going to go take a few drops of my placenta tincture just after writing that....

Okay, I'm boosted up and back. A woman goes through many hormonal shifts in her lifetime. We are all familiar with the rising and plummeting ride of our hormonal system just over the course of one fertile month. Many women find placenta tincture to be a nurturing remedy to take for PMS, menstrual cramps, or fatigue around their monthly cycle. It may also be balancing and nutritive in preparing the body for pregnancy. And through out time, placenta has been touted as a supplement for menopausal blues, irritability, hot flashes and even increasing libido. Our placentas enabled us to become mothers; it does not surprise me that they can assist us in any letting go and grieving as we leave this season of life behind. Preserving placenta in tincture form gives a mama the option to take it when ever she wants over the course of her lifetime.

When might a baby benefit from taking placenta drops?

Mothers report that placenta drops have helped their babies with teething pain, colic and childhood illnesses. In Chinese medicine traditions placenta is regarded as warming, heating up the body to dispel congestion and stagnation, and supporting the body in moving through illness or transformation. According to Placenta: The Gift of Life by Cornelia Enning, "Placenta (remedies) do not impair allopathic or additional homeopathic therapies - to the contrary, the enhance them". Placenta tincture is a supportive supplement to the body, even if it doesn't prevent disease all together. Others find placenta tincture to support their child in times of intense transition including coping with a traumatic shift such as moving, a new sibling or a parental divorce.

A few drops goes a long way

Because placenta is cured for 6 weeks in high-proof alcohol to make a tincture it is a powerful supplement in a tiny bottle. I encourage women to start out with a "dose" of 3-4 drops in a glass of water 1-2 times daily, as needed. As with anything, you are the governor of your own body, the mistress in charge, and your intuition will guide you to know what is best for you. For babies or young children I recommend half this amount in a shot glass size of water or juice. Some parents report putting drops of placenta tincture on their babies feet, in their bath*, or blended into their lotion or salve as a method of transmitting placenta benefits. Let your instincts, experience and preferences guide you.

A powdery sediment will be left in the bottom of your tincture bottle if you use it to completion. You are welcome to add another round of high-proof alcohol and go through the 6-week daily shaking routine to cure the placenta tincture for a second round. This round will not be as potent, but will certainly still hold some benefit.

The best part is you can have both: placenta capsules and placenta tincture. Making a tincture only requires a small amount of placenta, so a woman can still take the majority of her placenta immediately after birth in capsule form.

*About the bath: I have done this multiple times with my placenta capsules. I just open them up and add a couple to my bath along with my postpartum healing herbs in the first 3 weeks after birth. I feel that it helps heal any tears and restores elasticity to my skin. I highly recommend it!

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